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Is Bach Back?

Photo: Johann Sebastian Bach (b. March 31, 1685, d. July 28, 1750)

J. S. Bach would have turned 334 this past Sunday, and according to various reports, interest in his music is surging, especially for people under 35. The composer's music has always maintained a strong level of interest (except perhaps for a brief period following his death). Certainly well know in the music world and among the wealthy caste, several biographies authored in the 19th century helped to make Bach's music more known to the general public.

One explanation for the new surge in interest seems to be connected to the wedding of Princess Eugenie last October. Others suggest that interest in Bach's music also tends to surge in the spring when students are preparing for exams. Regardless of the cause, it pleases me to know that the music of one of the world's greatest composers is still alive and well, even after three centuries. Is Bach back, or did he ever really leave?

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