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Singing In Susanville

                                    – the Susanville Choral Society


In 2012, the Susanville Symphony Society formed the Susanville Choral Society as an adjunct organization to the parent group.  Liudmila Mullin was appointed to head up the choral society as the group’s Artistic Director and Conductor.


The Susanville Choral Society is an adult (age 15 and older) mixed-voice community choir.  The purpose of the organization is to provide public access to choral music performances, giving local musicians an opportunity to pursue their respective interests in music.


Each year, the Choral Society presents two concerts that are open to the general public – usually in the Autumn and Spring, and usually at Susanville United Methodist Church on South Lassen Street in Susanville.  Additionally, the group hosts several salon concerts in private homes each year, featuring top musicians from the region in a more intimate setting.  Special activities involving the entire choral group also tie in with the Christmas season, graduations, and other holidays.


Although classical music is the core genre of the Choral Society, the group keeps a balance with other genres as well, and will even consider new compositions and arrangements from developing music composers.


If you are interested in joining the Susanville Choral Society as a singer, you can email the group at or call (530) 251-6738.  We do not conduct individual auditions, opting instead to invite new singers to simply sit in with the group at a regular rehearsal.  Choral singing is not for everybody, so if after a few rehearsals a new singer is struggling, we look for other options.


If you want to support the Choral Society in other ways, e.g. volunteering to work the door at concerts, or helping to make salon concerts successful, or even just making a donation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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