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Wine, Cheese, and Music

I have been reading about some scientific research being conducted in Switzerland relative to the affects music may have in the production of cheese. Seems that a local cheese maker is working with a group from the Bern University of the Arts to determine if cheese, aged while exposed to a steady stream of music, is more tasty than cheese not exposed to music. The experiment also involved different music genres and frequencies.

The results of an initial experiment suggested that the cheese exposed to music was indeed tastier than cheese left to age in silence. Of the music genres and frequencies used in the experiment, the cheese exposed to hip hop music was deemed to be the tastiest. Wild but apparently true. Certainly a lot more than a single experiment will be needed to validate the initial findings.

So, would wine be tastier if exposed to long periods of music during the aging process? Would a single bottle of Pinot Noir - opened and poured into a carafe to "breath" - taste better if exposed to music during this critical moment in the life of the wine? Perhaps some experimentation on my part is called for! I will contact my personal Sommelier, Bill Bunker, and see what he recommends.

Speaking of wines, and Sommelier Bill, if you would like to be involved in a small sommelier-lead wine-tasting workshop in April - one that supports funding for the Susanville Choral Society - please feel free to give me a call or email.

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