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Happy birthday, dear Felix!

This week marks the 210th year since the birth of Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, or as he is more commonly referred to, Felix Mendelssohn. You'll recall that Felix Mendelssohn was a musician and conductor of the early Romantic period, but he is also now regarded as one of the most popular composers of the Romantic era. The Italian Symphony, the Scottish Symphony, The Hebrides, are only some of his works.

Over the next two weekends, I'll be performing one of Felix Mendelssohn's famous oratorios, Elijah, with the Lake Tahoe Toccata Orchestra and Choir. My role is that of Angel No. 1, which I refer to as the low-flying angel because of the low range of the music. And speaking of low ranging music, my husband Matt will also be performing in the orchestra with his magical mountain tuba, covering the Ophicleide parts. This weekend's performances are up at the Lake in Incline Village and South Lake Tahoe.

The photo above looks like Matt and some of his colleagues making their way to a Tahoe Basin rehearsal. Check my concert schedule for dates, times, and locations of Toccata's Elijah.

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