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The Siege of Leningrad

Pictured above: A contemporary photo of the front entrance to the Music Comedy Theater in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Also pictured is an image of two residents of Leningrad (Saint Petersburg) during the siege (1941 - 1944).

In 1941, the Nazi army cut off all outside access to the City of Leningrad with its army, intent on starving the residents to death. The siege lasted almost 900 days, ending on January 27, 1944 - 75 years ago this month. An estimated 632,000 people died during the siege.

The Music Comedy Theater pictured above - built in 1929 - was the only theatrical company that did not interrupt its work during the 900 days of the siege. Although many of its performers did not survive, twenty premiers and remakes were staged during the siege days. Sixty years after the siege ended, I would be employed in this same theater as a singer.

Should you find yourself in Saint Petersburg, I urge you to visit this beautiful and historic theater at Italyanskaya 13, in the heart of the city. Only a twenty minute walk from the theater is the Museum of the Blockade of Leningrad (War Museum) - also a worthy destination. The museum is located at Solyanoy Lane #9.

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