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Keep Calm and Join The Choir!

As the touring season starts to wind down, and schools are once again up and running, this is a great time of year to get involved in something new. And by new, I mean – this is a great time of year to get involved with your local community choral group.

Were you ever in a high school choir? I would venture a guess that those rehearsals and concerts, maybe even field trips and tours – were some of your best memories as a young adult. So why did you give it up? The Susanville Choral Society is out there for you. All you need to do is show up. I can’t promise you’ll be performing like Maria Callas at the Met, but I can promise you’ll find the experience enriching; good for the mind and spirit; and a great opportunity to interact with real people (versus virtual people). And, you’ll be helping to bring enrichment to an entire community. Keep calm and joint the choir!

Show up at the Lassen College music room (Chapman Hall) this Wednesday at 6:30pm, or send the choir an email at, or message the choir on Facebook. Let this be the start of something new and wonderful in your life!

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